Overall Goal

To improve decision-making and planning for public health laboratory services by increasing capability and efficiency of M&E system through innovative and robust ICT and communication strategy 

Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

The M&E unit is responsible for tracking the implementation strategies and related activities at national and sub-national levels. The unit tracks implementation of the strategic plan through continuous collection of data on the selected indicators. Most data collection tools are available and where not available, they are developed. The main source of data is the Central Data Warehouse (CDW) at the Department of Laboratory Services. The CDW is linked to Laboratory Information System in all units and reference laboratories in the department. Other systems include the EPT database (for interlab EQA and Proficiency Testing (PT)), Kenya Health Information System (KHIS), VL/EID database, Lab capacity mapping database, RTCQI and GXlims AMR database.  

The M&E unit analyzes collected data and shares reports to DLS on a quarterly basis.  An annual report is compiled and disseminated to relevant stakeholders and decision makers. The monitoring and evaluation results are used for ongoing program refinement, informing program improvement and decision-making. 

National Laboratory Data Centre 

The data center in the Department of Laboratory Services uses systems to network, compute, and store laboratory data and provides shared layers of access to information. However, procurement and maintenance of the data center infrastructure, IT systems architecture, design and security of data processing systems has not been adequate. There is need to improve the standard IT equipment and software necessary to deliver computing services to the growing customer base. These include servers, networking devices, infrastructure and other computing infrastructure resources as well as develop visualization dashboards.