The NPHLS Research Library and Resource Center generally Known as the welcome Library (Karibu Library) has existed for over 76 years and carries within it the cultural diversities and scientific publishing styles adhered to for many decades. This resource center and library is one of the few research government libraries we have in Kenya.

Governed by the Kenya national Libraries’ act and standard Library guidelines, this facility holds over 10,000 Medical library materials (Books, Publications and other library materials). Many librarians have overseen its affairs until Kenyan governance changed to a devolved state paving way for the facility to be retained at the central Government within the National Public Health Laboratory Services. For the first time the research Library and resource center was put under the management of a science specialist.

The mandate of the research Library was charted out as per National and International standards
as follows:-

  1. Legality- The research library operates and enforces CAP 19 and CAP 225 Laws of
  2. Location- It is a Government Library unit within the National Public Health Laboratory
    Services, stationed in Nairobi as one of the Kenya National Library services
  3. Mandate-
    i) The research Library has a mandate to offer library services to National Public Health
    Laboratory Services staff, Medical and College students, researchers and the public.
    ii) Guide policy drafting and formulation in the laboratory based disease surveillance
    field through technical assistance as requested by clients.
    iii) Capacity build other Medical and Laboratory staff on specialized testing of
    laboratory specimens, disease prevention and control
    iv) Carry out research activities and publish Medical Information



“To improve service delivery in the National public Health Laboratory Services by offering quality Research Library services through E-Learning, Research and Consultancy services Nationally and internationally.”


“To be a model unit of excellence in Research Library Services and E-Learning for Effective Public Health Laboratory services for improved Healthcare.”

  1. To Establish, Oversee and Manage the Research Library and
    Resource Centre)
  2. To plan and manage the activities of the NPHLS Research Library and
    Resource centre
  3. To administer and supervise the e-Learning activities of the unit
  4. To further staff professional development at NPHLS through technical

Activities, services and reporting

The NPHLS research Library and resource center undertakes activities within its mandate and shall report to Head, NPHL and update the Monitoring and evaluation through the LIMS in the following proposed framework.

A Research Library meets its mandate by offering the following services and

  • Selective Dissemination of information (SDI),
  • Development of Medical Reports and Published Library Materials).
  • Published Medical information is easily availed and disseminated through our Current awareness Services (CAS)
  • Carry out Research and hope to come up with a web portal platform for collaboration of researchers and policy makers.

We have developed a hard copy and electronic web portal platform (Hardcopy requirements)with the following:-
 A plan to build a NPHLS website with calendar of events, trainings and their schedules as well as
training material.
 Web Portal with;

  • Training materials ( Modules)
  • Enlistment of all available e- books, Reports bulletins etc
  • Easy access of commonly resourced materials and journals


Organizational Affiliation-National Public Health Laboratory Services
Physical Location-NPHLS Block next to NASCOP, KNH grounds, NAIROBI CITY,

Address P.O Box 20750-00202