The Parasitology and Neglected Tropical Diseases Reference Laboratory offers a wide range of investigations for human parasites and entomology.


External Quality Assessment (EQA)

The laboratory is responsible for ensuring quality diagnosis of parasitic infections by provision of External Quality Assessments (EQA) to the county laboratories


Training on laboratory diagnosis of parasitic infections for laboratory sections, enteric parasites and blood and tissue parasites

Support the Division of Vector Borne and Neglected Tropical Diseases (DVBNTD)’s

The laboratory is mandated to support the DVBNTD to facilitate the control, elimination and eradication of 20 NTDs using the following mechanisms:

  • Surveillance, prevention and control of Vector Borne Diseases and other Neglected Tropical Diseases
  • Investigation of suspected and confirmed outbreaks of vector borne diseases and communication of outbreak investigation findings
  • Confirmation of parasitic stages in suspected vectors by matching of parasitic species found in vectors with those found in patients
  • Operational research on NTDs of public health importance in Kenya