The scheme began in 2007 with the overall mandate of improving the quality of essential diagnostic services in clinical laboratories. It began by offering one cycle per year, then increased to 2 cycles per year in 2009.

In 2011, KNEQAS shifted from site- to-individual provider-based PT in order to closely monitor quality of testing for every HIV testing service provider.

KNEQAS has currently expanded to include other scopes in all the 47 counties including:

  • HIV Serology
  • Malaria
  • HPV
  • SARS COV – 2
  • Bacteriology
  • Viral Load & EID
  • Tuberculosis


  • First public facility in the region to be accredited under ISO 17043:2010 as a PT provider.
  • Has offered HIV Serology to over 20,000 testers/participants.
  • Scaled up scheme coverage (current participation rate at over 95%)
  • Integration of EQA scopes within NPHL to reduce cost
  • Increased scopes to cover Malaria, TB, Microbiology & Viral Load/EID
  • Reduction in misdiagnosis
  • Increased confidence in test results
  • Improved quality services and Turn Around Time
  • Cost effectiveness in scheme management
  • Reduced need for repeat testing
  • Reduced kit wastage/consumption

Opportunities for growth

  • Automation of equipment for full panel production
  • Development of sustained corrective action
  • Production of Panels (Chemistry, Haematology, Urine chemistry, Syphilis, Hepatitis B
  • Training and Mentorship centre
  • Increase Human resource capacity
  • Improve testing & research infrastructure