The equipment calibration unit serves as a Center of Excellence in equipment maintenance as well as a learning centre for Biomedical engineers.


  • Certification of biosafety cabinets according to EN: 12469 or NSF 49 standards.
  • Certification of laminar flow/ clean benches
  • NPHL calibration centre is ISO 17025:2017 accredited on 5 scopes : volume, mass, temperature, time and length (rotational speed)
  • Developed a National training curriculum on auxiliary laboratory equipment maintenance
  • Purchased toolboxes, calibration equipment and refrigeration maintenance equipment for 30+ public hospitals across the country
  • Calibrated over 10,000 laboratory equipment across the country over last 3yrs
  • Certified 1800+ biosafety cabinets out of 2500 in the country
  • Contributed to over 100 public health and faith-based institutions attainment of ISO 18159 accreditation
  • Have trained 50+ public hospital biomedical engineers from 21 counties and 42 hospitals on laboratory equipment maintenance and foundation calibration
  • Trained 50 biomedical engineers across southern and eastern Africa through partnership with ECSA (Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Ethiopia and Mozambique)